Impatience: The Millennial Curse

I’m a young journalist about to head into my senior year of college… otherwise known as peak internship time.

A couple months ago, I applied to damn near every internship in every city, including ones in sensationalized cities like New York and Los Angeles (with only slight hopes of being the next Carrie Bradshaw).

sexcity.gif (Me realizing how far-fetched and fictional this idea is)

It’s been months since I sent my applications in. Since then, I’ve faced rejection and while it might have been a little bit disappointing, I quickly got over it because it was at least an answer.

My hopes of working at *Insert-name-of-company-here* weren’t just floating out in the dark abyss of the internet or in the inbox of

While millennials may have a step up in terms of understanding how to use technology, it has turned us into addicts for instant gratification– or instant anything, really.

We grew up in a world where any question we had could be answered in a matter of seconds thanks to the internet. Every retweeted meme on Twitter got us closer and closer to starring as a guest on Ellen. Every like on Instagram made us feel more fulfilled than everyone in our small home towns.

Waiting for anything seems like a death sentence for my generation, but if that doesn’t change, if we can’t learn to be patient, we’ll never grow.

Good things come from patience: time to think, ideas, an allowance for others to influence our lives.


Sayings like, “good things come to those who wait,” and, “a watched pot never boils,” didn’t come about from impatience.

So I’m trying. I’m trying to not incessantly check my email, to worry about how I did during an interview three weeks ago, to stress about where I’ll be in a couple months time.

Things will happen, time will pass, life will move on regardless of the decision…so I’m trying to break the curse of needing the instant.

I suggest my peers do the same.

Live your life, let others be present in it. Let time and curiosity work its magic.

Relax and begin to accept you’ll figure out the answer to everything at some point.

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