Decoding a cliché: What’s the work that really pays off?

Hard work pays off.

The saying has been drilled into my head since I first started school way back in kindergarten.

…Okay, so maybe not since then, but you get it. We’re all taught that if you work hard, you’ll get what you want– or what you need.

But I know I’m not the first one to pour my time and efforts into something and still end up not getting the result I wanted to.

giphy (1)

When this situation happens to you, you (or at least I have) begin to realize that the hard work is really getting past defeat. Yes, doing the actual work to get you to an end result or an outcome can very well be difficult, but the true task is learning from what you are doing, whether it results in success or failures.

Did you attend every class but didn’t study and fail a test? What did you really learn? Let me tell you: you need to study for the next test to be successful and get the result you want.

Did you write what you thought was a great cover letter for an internship and not get that internship? What did you really learn? Let me tell you: you need to have other people look at, or critique, your cover letter and tailor it even more for the next internship  you apply for.

While putting in work and learning along the process is all necessary and extremely important, the crucial time in which you can choose to work even harder, learn even more, is in failure.

If you can work past the failure, take a step out, and analyze to find out what more you can possibly do in order to get your ideal result, that hard work really will pay off.

Don’t let failure consume you. Instead, allow it to fuel you for even greater ventures and strides into your future.

It will be hard, and you’ll want to quit. At the end of the day, however, it’s those who persevere that get the result they sought after for in the first place, and those who give up are making the journey even more difficult than it needs to be.

Put in the time and work early and see your future unfold around you.

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