Car Titles in mid-Missouri

(Produced with Lauren Magarino, Gabe Dubois and Amber Sipe)


Auto-related complaints rank among the top 10 complaints filed to the Missouri Attorney General. Complaints regarding late or missing car titles fall under this category. In the past two years, more than 250 car title complaints have been filed from both large and small car dealerships. Below is a map of Missouri car dealerships that have had complaints filed against them.

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Columbia, MO City Benefits

(Produced with Waverly Colville, Travis Meier and MP White)

One of the fringe benefits city employees receive is pension. Members of the Columbia Police Department have to contribute part of their salary to help fund their own pension. In the past decade, the percentage officers pay toward their pension has gone up. However, officers hired after 2012 receive a lower maximum percentage of their salary. Officers put more money in, but new hires get less money out.

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University Student Government President Elect Steps Down

In a matter of a few hours on Wednesday evening, the Missouri Students Association experienced multiple inaugurations and resignations. I worked with a team of student reporters to create a multi-media story.


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