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The best way to protect your kids from allergies: Let them play in the dirt

Microbiologist Jason Tetro explains that the best way to protect your child against allergies is to let them get dirty.



New iLimb arms and hands are smarter and more subtle prosthetics

With new technology in the prosthetic world, Touch Bionics’ iLimb gives upper limb amputees the ability to do more with a prosthetic.




These 6 smart tech companies are shaping the future of healthcare wearables

These wearable device companies are producing smart technology, from vests and shirts to bracelets and watch-like trackers, to continue growing the healthcare wearable industry.



Pop culture misinterpretation of “fit foods” is spurring weight gain instead of weight loss

Protein bars and salads are deemed “fit foods,” or healthy foods, and because of that labeling, people tend to eat more of them.


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car1Buyer Beware When Buying a Used Car in Mid-Missouri

“Steven Hughes thought he found the perfect car for his family of six — until the title proving he owned the vehicle never came.”

Senator McCaskill Speaks at theitsonus  It’s On Us Summit Keynote

“Senator and keynote speaker Claire McCaskill spoke about legislative changes relating to sexual assaults on college campuses last Saturday.”

Breast Cancer: A Story ofScreen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.46.18 AM

“At the Women’s Center this past Tuesday, Cassandra Casperson, an academic advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences for MU, shared her breast cancer survival story.”



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