How to Create Viral Videos

As a video marketer, video producer, video storyteller and overall quality video consumer, I'm so excited to finally sit down and write this quick blog on how to create viral videos. The inspiration actually came from a colleague explaining they were going to create a video that was going to go viral. Here's how the…

Top 3 Dangers of Getting Comfortable With Your Marketing Strategy

Success through your marketing campaigns is only temporary...unless you look at it with an ongoing, innovative mindset. Learn how to prevent these big 3 dangers of getting comfortable with your current marketing strategy:

5 Steps on How to Build Your Brand Fast(er)

Brand building doesn't happen overnight, but there are ways to build it fast-er. Learn the 5 steps on how to build your brand fast(er).

Let’s Try This Blog Thing Again, Shall We?

Remember when I said I was ready to start a blog? LOL. Here's the thing...I was so excited to ramp up a new blog sharing my knowledge, ideas, projects and tips when it comes to all things content creation, content marketing, building your brand and sharing your story in the most effective & efficient…