The University of Missouri School of Journalism

After watching me craft powerful stories for years, my professors, the Associate Dean and the Dean of the Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri asked me to research, shoot and edit a video that would inspire and encourage prospective students to choose to enroll at the University of Missouri. 

 Time Inc. Production & On-Air

As an video production intern at Time Inc. I worked with the three other interns to conceptualize and create a show that would deliver news to millennials in a unique way.

 TIME, MONEY and FORTUNE Magazine Social Videos

I used elements of the Adobe Creative Suite and Getty to produce videos viewed and shared thousands of times on social media.

KOMU-TV Production

While broadcast journalism is was not my primary interest, I still volunteered my time to work as a line producer for KOMU 8 news, the local NBC station in Columbia, MO.

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