for siteThe Ruhe (roo)

The kangaroo is quick on its feet, adaptable and has one hell of a kick.

Even though the spelling doesn’t quite match up, I’ve come to be my own type of roo from exploring and adapting as a journalist and woman.

Currently a junior at the University of Missouri, my goals are to work in the world of multimedia journalism, discover emerging trends and analyze audience preferences and tendencies.

On this site, you can get to know me a little more and explore my professional portfolio, résumé and blog.

About Me

Hey there! Obviously, my name is Nina.

screen-shot-2016-09-05-at-11-05-51-am.pngI’m an entrepreneurial-convergence journalist (at least according to my business card), a
dog lover (it’s really more of an obsession) and a coffee and cheap wine connoisseur.

Outside of watching every rom-com available on Netflix, rooting for Cleveland sports
(yes, even the Browns) and FaceTiming the family dog, I’m looking for new ways to connect with people.

Life is about living through experience, good or bad. I’m on a personal mission to experience as much as I can by pursuing work, social circles and places that will allow me to grow as a professional and as a person.

To find out more about previous experience, I encourage you to explore the resumé and portfolio pages of this website. To learn more about my personality and life outside of journalism-related activities, be sure to follow me on social media or connect on the contact page!