Finding Your Story, Finding Your Adventure

The world is a constant series of new beginnings, middles and ends, bringing adventure to every day. How you choose to live your story and bring nuance to your adventures only starts with you, though.

Those you include in your stories take things to the next level. Allowing others to help you write your story clears a path to constructive criticism, new levels of learning and growth. Allowing other authors to proof your drafts, allowing other adventurers to help guide you along the path, only benefit the stories you live.

This portfolio is a documentation of my stories and adventures, complete with the help of many incredible humans. The work you’ll find here is only a chapter of my story. I look forward to continuing it by journeying with others that cross my path in the future. I look forward to meeting people that are not only eager to be a part of my stories, but are also open to me joining theirs.

Find your story. Find your adventure.

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My story starts in Northeast Ohio.

I was raised in the ‘burbs of Cleveland, educated by the public school system and was surrounded by incredible people who supported what I set my mind to.

My surroundings helped me understand that the life of a doctor, lawyer or engineer was not the life for me– I aspired to do something more creative, something that I couldn’t find the answer to in a textbook. After coming to that realization, I decided a higher education in journalism and business was the best path to take. Months later, I began the next chapter of my story at the University of Missouri where I had the privilege to experience a myriad of unique adventures– from reporting multi-element enterprise pieces for the local NBC station to creating marketing materials for a local tech startup.

After learning about and working with multiple different elements of journalism, content creation and marketing, I decided to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and create content for small companies that needed the help I could provide at a price they could afford.

Over the past few years, I’ve traveled from coast to coast, learning about what companies are doing to stay ahead of the market and producing content that allow them to do so. After bouncing around, I’m happy to now call the East Coast and Durham, North Carolina home.

Throughout my adventures, I have been able to find the answers I set out to when I first came to Columbia. I didn’t find them in a textbook, but instead, I found them in the people whose stories I’ve told. I found answers in my adventures of creative storytelling with an entrepreneurial mindset.

At first glance, my story seems to already have adventure jam-packed into it, but this is only the beginning of my story. There are so many more adventures to have and lessons to learn moving forward.

Chapter One started in Cleveland, OH.

Chapter Two started in Columbia, MO.

And Chapter Three continues in Durham, NC.

Here’s to new adventures, wherever they may be.

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