NC Idea

With an ambitious goal of educating 100,000 North Carolinians with an ‘entrepreneurial mindset,’ I worked with NC Idea’s CEO to announce how they’re planning to tackle that ambitious goal through a new program they’ve partnered with.

The University of Missouri School of Journalism

After watching me craft powerful stories for years, my professors, the Associate Dean and the Dean of the Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri asked me to research, shoot and edit a video that would inspire and encourage prospective students to choose to enroll at the University of Missouri. 


During my time in North Carolina, I worked with the CEO of micmagbyme to create a promotional video for their heirloom quality, trend forward customizable upholstered furniture design that’s handmade in NC shipped to your home and assembled in minutes.

Personal Projects & Drone Footage

While I love shooting & editing video projects for others, I also enjoy doing it for myself from time to time. Below are examples of videos I shot and produced for personal and other business use.

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