Hi there! I’m Nina, an entrepreneurial, creative soul dedicated to crafting content and brand strategies for anyone who’s ready to tell a story or bring their message to new heights. I live by the idea that this world is formed by the unique stories of the people that make it up. Effective storytelling connects, educates, entertains and brings people together, which is why I’ve made it a life goal to help tell as many of those stories as possible.

As a trained multi-media journalist (big thanks to four years spent at University of Missouri and an early start at a professional career) I’m using my ability to craft truly unique stories and conduct unbiased research to help individuals and brands develop their messages online.

By creating a myriad of content– from company pitch videos and branded product photography to writing engaging blogs and social media content– I’m on an entrepreneurial mission to tell the best stories and connect with as many people as possible.

…that is, when I’m not testing a new recipe, getting in a good lift or binge watching 80s movies.


Email: ninamruhe@gmail.com

Twitter: @ninaruhe

Instagram: @nmrstorytelling

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/ninaruhe

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