Keyfactor was looking to add someone to their team who could help establish a formalized organic social media strategy, create multimedia content to establish their presence as industry leaders and for recruitment purposes, and help refine current multimedia marketing content and initiatives like podcasts and webinars.

In an effort to establish Keyfactor’s leaders as industry experts, I worked with the executives to conceptualize, shoot, edit and promote videos like this:

While Keyfactor already had a podcast prior to me joining the team, it wasn’t quite where the team wanted it to be. Upon taking over the podcast initiative, I worked with the host to rename the series, worked with a graphic designer to create a formal cover art thumbnail, leveled-up the production of the podcast, repurposed content for social media and got it up and running on most streaming services.

In addition to thought leadership videos, Keyfactor’s Human Resources/People department was interested in creating content for recruitment purposes. After working with both HR and the Marketing Team, we decided a short video series, branded “Potential Unlocked,” highlighting employee culture would be a perfect initiative.

One of the biggest areas of help Keyfactor was looking for was in developing their organic social media strategy. With no set method of what to post and when to post things, measuring success of social media was extremely difficult. After digging into statistics and audiences for Keyfactor, I was able to successfully put together a high performing organic social media strategy to help drive demand and brand awareness.

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