Hi there, thanks so much for dropping by.

I’m Nina– an absolutely fascinating young woman sporting a driven dedication to excellence, passion for telling stories and usually a curly blonde pony tail. I also happen to be a proud Alumnus of the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, dog lover, coffee & cab sauv enthusiast and every marketer’s dream customer.

Marketer’s dream customer? What does that mean? Well…

If you’ve ever seen an ad for a new flavor of Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee, I’ve probably tried it. If you’ve ever heard about a small company that makes re-usable water bottles from recycled soda cans, I probably have 3. If you’ve ever seen a sad ASPCA commercial with puppies in it, I definitely considered adopting all of them and moving to a farm where they can all live happily ever after.

See what I mean now? Ah, yes, okay. Moving on…

There’s something about hearing someone else’s story, trying a new product or opening a door to new opportunities that’s always fascinated me.  That fascination drove me to develop a passion for and strong ability to help others tell those stories, push those products and open those doors to the world.

Branding isn’t just about getting someone to buy your product, hear your story or walk through your door. Branding is about creating your impact on the world every day. At the end of the day, your branding is how your audience sees who you choose to be– whether you’re an individual, a small business/company or a large corporation.

Choose to be excellent. Now, let’s tell the world.