In today’s technology and software driven world, automation is everywhere. From empty cart emails to annual subscription renewals, the world of automation is starting to seem a bit like this…


Even though automation is everywhere, let’s focus this blog specifically on marketing. Why? Because automation gives marketing teams a huge power: the power of more time.

More time to develop audiences.

More time to create more content.

More time to…breathe?

And while that seems like a golden gift from the gods, it’s very important to not let the temptation of auto-everything cause you to “set it and forget it,” when it comes to your emails and social strategy.

Why? Well…which one of these emails would you actually open…and dare I say, read?

  1. Subject Line: NEW BLOG ALERT – Are you doing automation right?
    Message: Hey there! Odds are you’re sending automated emails or have some form of automated social media presence. If so, we just wanted to let you know about our new blog– The problem with the Power of Automation. …

  2. Subject Line: Quick tip to pass along to your social media team💡
    Message: Hi Meghan! Hope things are going well with your new social media manager. I just wanted to shoot you this quick note to let you know our new blog may be useful for your entire social team…just something for them to keep in the back of their mind! …

You probably said 2, right? Thought so. And it’s pretty easy to debunk why: it’s personal.

Someone took the time to write you, specifically, a helpful note. They’re in-tune with what’s going on with you and are interested in creating a genuine connection or having a genuine conversation with you.

The problem with the power of creating more time, is that you end up compromising how and where your time is spent.

So before investing in automation software to free up your and your team’s time, ask yourself what you’ll be giving up in exchange for that newfound time.

Or if you’ve already been using automation in your workflows, maybe it’s time to check in on it and see how it’s working!

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