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Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

This blog is actually a pretty big deal to me. After years of thinking about starting one of these babies to share some projects I’m working on and content creation tips and tricks for building a brand, I decided the month of January was the perfect time to start– new year, new blog?

Joking aside, I’m so excited to finally have a platform to help brands get the ball rolling in terms of content creation and something to hold me accountable for sharing even more of my work to inspire brands or other creators.

One more thing I really want you to know about this blog: it’s not meant to waste your time.

I’ve already seen enough blogs with leading headlines and 500 word intros before actually getting to the point, and I hate them. So I promise you, I’ll keep things as short, sweet and to-the-point as possible. After all…you’re busy building your brand and I’m busy helping you. We don’t have any time to waste.

To prove how serious I am about not wasting your time, I’m going to go ahead and close out this first blog post with a few bullet points of what you can expect from this page:

  • Content Creation Tip Post… Every Other Week
  • Portfolio Post… Every Other Week (off-weeks of Content Creation Tip Posts)
  • How To Craft Your Brand– Business or Personal… Once a Month
  • Exciting News…As It Comes


That’s it for now! Thanks again for stopping by. Don’t forget to subscribe to make sure you never miss a moment!



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