Remember when I said I was ready to start a blog?


Here’s the thing…I was so excited to ramp up a new blog sharing my knowledge, ideas, projects and tips when it comes to all things content creation, content marketing, building your brand and sharing your story in the most effective & efficient way possible.

But then life happened.

I took a new job in an industry I had never worked in before– never even reported on in my days as a journalist.

I moved to Cleveland for the job and spent months hunting for an apartment to finally feel settled…big shoutout to my older brother for letting me crash at his place for a few months.

I met a whole bunch of new, incredible friends, and reconnected with childhood friends.

I moved into my new apartment, found a fitness routine, cut out red meat and realized there was one thing missing from my seemingly-to-fall-together young life: an opportunity to flex my entrepreneurial muscles.

For years, and especially in the past few months while I’ve been on what I like to brand as “side-hustle hiatus,” I’ve been taking in so much information about how to build a brand, tell your unique story and be heard in the world where content. is. everywhere.

While this blog will be used to showcase some of my new/favorite projects and opportunities, I’ll also be sharing tips, tricks and advice on how to build your brand, establish credibility and authority and break through all of the noise to start sharing your story in the most effective and efficient way possible.

So let’s try this blog thing again, shall we? Stick around, this time, I pinky promise to come back on a regular basis 😉

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